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Thinking of downsizing? How to Transition From House to Condo

How to downsize, Kingston Condos, Kingston ListingsThinking of downsizing? Let me ask you a few questions that will turn your maybe into a solid yes or no.

Are you sick of going outside early in the morning to take the garbage out? Or walking across the street to get your fly-away mail? How about having to look at the neighbors’ pile of junk behind their falling down shed?

If the gears are starting to turn a little more, we’re making progress! Condo living isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is something to consider if you no longer need the space that was necessary for the past.

If you’re not sure where to begin, that’s okay because you’re definitely not alone! Start by following these easy steps:

1. Start organizing and removing clutter from your home. It’s best to start in spaces where you tend to keep replaceable items, like the bathroom! (Do you really need that half emptied roll of floss even though you just opened a new one)?

2. Compare your current living situation to condo living. Ask yourself if you still need things like home work-out equipment or a barbeque. Condos often offer a list of amenities which allows you to ditch some items that have the potential to make you some money!

3. Each item should be grouped by the following categories: Keep, charity and sell. 

4. Prioritize your items. Some things are obviously more important than others. Pick up each item and if you haven’t enjoyed or used it in the past 5 months, charity or toss it!

5. Ask yourself if the storage unit provided by the condo you’ve been researching is sufficient enough. Should you consider an additional storage unit through a third party?

We understand it can be very overwhelming to go through your entire home and separate the things you want; from what you need. Moving doesn't have to be hard. Trust us when we say you will feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders when it’s all over, and a little more content with what you have because you know there isn’t junk you don’t need laying around!

Check out this link to see Condo living options near Kingston and Napanee! 

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